Every Street

Nik Hartley

One of the greatest acts of trust a man displays is with his barber. It’s a relationship that goes beyond that of patient/doctor even.

A bad haircut is soul-destroying - when you find the one who shears you right there is no other. Every Street was photographed over three days in March 2014, in Nelson, North-East Lancashire. A former cotton mill town with a high British-Asian population, the roads are lined with terraced, former mill-worker cottages. A snapshot of community in an area not without its tensions – the BNP and UKIP are popular amongst a sector of the white community, political parties that have no place in this day and age, that feed solely on ignorance – the series documents unity through a male ritual. Taking residency at Stylz barber shop, owned by Haroon Yousef aka Harris, everyone happy to have their picture taken did so reflecting the pride of not only a good haircut but the social hub of a hometown.


Dean Mayo Davies


Nik Hartley's interview for I-D: Here



EVERY STREET is part of NORTH: DIVERSIFYING A LANDSCAPE at SOMERSET HOUSE (running until 4 February 2018)

THU 25 JAN 2018
Screening Room
South Wing
19.00 - 20.30
£8.00 - £10.00

Exclusive debut screening , In Conversation & Q&A with North exhibitors Nik Hartley & Vanley Burke.

The evening begins with Nik Hartley introducing an exclusive debut screening of his new short film ‘Albert The Lion’, depicting local Lancashire school children narrating a northern tale. The film is an extension of Hartley’s exhibited photographs from his ‘Every Street’ series, set in a local Lancashire British Asian Barbershop. Looking at the evolution of society and dialect the project is a celebration of youth and diversity in a time of political uncertainty.

Following the screening we welcome Vanley Burke, the ‘Godfather of British Black Photography’, Burke will be in conversation with Renée Mussai, Senior Curator and Head of Archive & Research at Autograph ABP on how his iconic images have captured the evolving landscape and stimulated debate in the UK over the past four decades. Hear his motivations, inspiration and more about his role in the preservation of culture and history through documentation, creation and discovery.

More info : Here


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